The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Monday, September 13, 2010

does your town have a local Tater???

 Thats a strange title,I know.The meaning of that title is My town just lost a very special person which we had all come to love and care so much for. His name was Foster but his nickname was Tater.He passed away this weekend and the town seems so empty.
 Tater was a 63 year old man and was perhaps a little learning disabled or maybe differently abled??Anyway,the whole town clothed,feed,and just hung out with him. No one ever mentioned that the man was slow,if they saw that I even hinted at it in this blog post,the whole town would come and raise hell at me. I am just the kind of person that likes to be truthful about things,and pretend it is not true. Anyway, he fancies himself a musician and even made many cds ,he would build fences,help with construction or do anything,he was a very capable person.
 He worked busing tables for a while at a local restaurant.Foster was very friendly and would always come up and hug me when ever I saw him out in public,he called me his buddy. He was a sweet person and he will be missed.
 Now, most towns down here in the deep south have a local person or a few that the whole town supports.I don't know if that is common practice every where but around here it is. We still have a few people in our town,crack addicts,mentally ill  and others that our town tries to help.
 Does your town have a person or a few that everyone has adopted??? If so,do you know the names of these people?? Just curious.


Christel said...

girl, you are the find a giveaway guru! Go girl! haha Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and visiting the FaeWees, and yes, I do make them all..without molds, they are all one of a kind! Thanks so much for loving them, they have a tendancy to grow on you! I will be having a giveaway shortly, keep watching for my post! xoxox Christel