The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Jack is feeling better

Jack is feeling better and the swelling in his eye is almost gone! He is happy and finally the weather cleared up so he can play outside which seems to be the cure for whatever ails him.Isn't he a lovely child? I am always amazed at what a sweet and handsome little fellow he is.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jack's swollen eyelid

My son woke up with a little bit of swelling on his upper eyelid yesterday and later in the day his eyelid was swollen so that his eye was only half open.He seemed cranky but thats not too uncommon for a two year old.No discharge or redness in the eye.I wonder why my little guy has this eyelid oh and its pink in color.What do you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been around in such a long time but I am back and gonna start blogging again!I might start back slowly because I am moving in a couple weeks,Finally! I miss blogging and feeling like I am part of something so yay for starting back! I miss this and the giveaways too ofcourse!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tired of giveaways and blogging

The past couple of weeks I have become tired of entering giveaways and tired of blogging.I really should enter giveaways because with the csn and gift cards that I win it has been helping out a lot around here. So,I really need to get back into the swing of things and blog more even though my life is kind of dull and not much new happens to me.
 You ever feel like this?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack the Giant

My son Jack was born a couple months early so he was always a little small for his age and a little behind but now he is growing like a weed!!He is already wearing three year old clothes and he is just 2 1/2! I guess he is gonna be tall like his dad.
 So, now I gotta find lots of  3t summer clothes for my kiddo. Winter doesn't last long down south so we just have about a month our two before we start wearing short sleeves and light jackets or no jackets at all.
 Guess I will hit up the GoodWill and Salvation Army in search of cheap boys clothes.I don't like dealing with EBAY and more because I have a terrible time getting the sellers to ship and the clothes sometimes are in bad shape when you actually see them.
 Anyone got some other suggestions where to find good cheap boys clothes?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

chocolate addiction

No matter what kind of diet I go on or how I swear to be healthy I just can not stop eating chocolate.
 I find myself eating chocolate chips when I am stuck in the house with out chocolate,I have tried to make all kinds of creations when all I have is cocoa powder.I am truly an addict when it comes to chocolate. Like I think I need help. I can't go one day with out a little taste of chocolate. It must be nice to be chocolate free but I will never know because I am an addict and it's too good to quit.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My sweet baby going mean

 My lovely sweet Jack was the most loving and gentle child in the world and has been like this since birth.He has always been just a perfect angel but 3 weeks ago it all changed!Three weeks ago I saw my son throw a tantrum,I thought he was in pain or something because I had never seen him roll around screaming and kicking.My mom was with me when he was doing this and she told me it was nothing more then a classic tantrum.Well, I ignored him while he did this and I went about my life like Usual.
 Three weeks have passed and now my son is completely different then that loving angel he once was,he is 2 1/2 on Feb. 8th and for over two years he has  just been so easy to take care of but it seems that is all over now.
 My son has been biting,scratching,throwing tantrums in public and just being a total monster!I feel so crazy! I have put him in at least 10 time outs today for hitting and scratching.I have yelled and now my throat is sore and my nerves are on edge but my son seems to be a real cool number.
 I have read all the books,I have seen and spoken with many parents but I just never thought this would happen with Jack. I just was not prepared for this.He was slow to get caught up to the terrible twos.
 Any advice?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giveaway WINNERS!!

Okay so I have to crown all my giveaway winners.
I had my hubby randomly call out numbers and thats how I picked out who wins.

LA Musing won the 35 dollar gift card to CSN

MS Mommy won the Maggie Moo and the K&G gift cards

Cori West Phal won the Marble Slab and the Star Bucks gift cards.

I have emailed all the winners and the Have til Wednesday night to contact me or I will be forced to pick other winners.
Congratulations to all of you and thanks to every one that entered!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have a CSN giveaway and 80 bucks in gift cards to giveaway

Please remember to enter both of my giveaways I have going on. They end on the 16th so you have a few days left to get entered.Just take that link above and it will take you to the 35 dollar csn giveaway and I have a link to my other giveaway on the CSN giveaway.
Please enter and please follow me on twitter,I need more followers so I can follow more people. Thanks and have a lovely Martin Luther King day! BE BLESSED!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do you like your cheese cake?

I have tried many flavors and varieties of cheesecake. I am a huge fan of the stuff and I have hardly ever met a cheesecake I didn't like but some are way better then others and that is just plain fact!
 I like plain,chocolate,strawberry,pumpkin or any other cheesecake I have tried. So many wonderful combos! YUM!!

 Well,I made a cheese cake from a recipe I found on the internet the other night.I like to try different recipes at random just to see if they turn out better then anything I have had before.
LET ME TELL YOU!!!I almost had to slap my MAMA! When I made this cheesecake,it was the best ever,really!!
It was just your good ole plain cheese cake but it was exactly what I have been trying for.
I would have taken pictures to post but that cake did not last a minute in my house.DARN!
Well, here is a link to that cheesecake.

Do you have a cheesecake recipe you want me to try? Well, just leave me a link if you think you know the recipe to the tastiest cheesecake ever.
Or if any of you try this recipe please come back to let me know what you thought.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day for Mississippi

Yesterday is snowed! Its rare to get any snow in the Mississippi Delta but this was maybe the most I have ever seen.

How do you like the Snowman I made? I made it with food coloring pens!It was so much fun! I named him Harvey.HA! We had loads of fun and the snow is not melting yet so snowball fight tonight!
Don't forget to enter my giveaways! I got the csn and gift card giveaway going on.Also I might have another giveaway coming up soon!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My fabulous giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two giveaways going on right now and I really want you to enter them.I have some gift cards I am giving away to 2 winners.So far just a couple people have entered and I have one gift card to K&G clothing for 50 bucks!
 Also enter my 35 csn giveaway!! Both giveaways just got listed today and both are super easy to enter!Please check them out and tell your friends. I want followers and twitter followers too. That would be nice.
Here are those links to the giveaways.

Please enter both! Thanks and have a wonderful week!

How about a CSN giveaway?? Well, I got one!

CSN is letting me treat one of you lucky bloggy folks to a nice helping of 35 e code to shop at CSN! Now,How nice is that! Those people are just wonderful,huh?
 So,you know csn right?They got it all! Everything your little heart could desire!Take a look at some of the lovely things they have. I would like you to especially look all the furniture.I would love to have a round chair.Click that link and you will see what I am talking about! Very cool!
 Okay,so you want to know how to enter,right?
Mandatory: FOLLOW ME ON GFC and come back and comment that you follow me.
EXTRA entries
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This giveaway will end on the 16th and will be chosen in some random way,I promise!
Oh and this giveaway is for US and Can. only (sorry other countries).

GIVEAWAY from me to you Gift Cards

OKay folks! Today is the big day! I am having a giveaway for 2 lucky bloggers!! Now I am not one for long overly demanding giveaways so I am gonna keep it short and sweet.

Prizes:a 50 dollar gift card to K&G fashion super store
10 dollar star bucks gift card
10 dollar GC to Marble Slab creamery
10 dollar GC to Maggie Moo's ice cream.

So, 2 winners.each will win 2 of the prizes.

Mandatory: follow my blog on GFC and leave a comment telling me which prizes you would like to win.(you can name two or you can say you want them all)

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Okay so this giveaway goes on til the 16th so you have 10 lovely days to enter my giveaway!!
2 people will win and I will just draw names out of a hat or something.Open to anyone that is interested in these gift cards. So,come on and enter. Just tell me what gift cards you would like to win and be a GFC follower!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Christmas pictures

Dr. OZ Nike Giveaway is down

I tried like many of you today to enter that Dr.Oz giveaway for Nike shoes.I am STILL trying but the page will not load because it is temp.down.I know lots of you feel my disappointment.I was so hoping to win some shoes for my husband but it looks as though their won't be any shoes for us.
 Sorry folks,maybe a few of you got through. Well,good for you but don't tell me if you did,I will be bummed.
 Well, its official,the giveaway is over and I one time got to fill out the form but it said it went down after I filled it out so I don't think  my info got through. THat sucked.

Pictures of the kids at Christmas

A very Nice CSN giveaway you should enter

Wow,here is a wonderful 85 dollar csn giveaway that I found! So far it is low entry and it has a long time to go before it ends at the end of Jan.
 So go click that link and get yourselves entered! 85 bucks is a whole lot of loot,isn't it?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Soon a giveaway is coming

I am gonna be doing another fabulous giveaway soon. I am just getting it all together so sometime this week I am gonna post about that so be on the look out because its gonna be gift cards,and maybe some other terrific stuff!
 So far this New Years has been so frustrating for me. My son has been sick with a little ear infection and sore throat and boy he is in a lousy mood!!!! Its just been terrible. No sleep and chronic crying for both of us! UGH,I hope this ends soon.
 Later I will post some Christmas pics. so hope ya'll come back to visit me soon. Lots of great stuff going on in the bloggy world.Be on the look out for fab giveaways,terrific reviews and wonderful stories and recipes from all  of our fellow bloggers!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Big giveaway you should check out

Oh boy,lots of Amazon and paypal! I could just die from all the excitement! You gotta click that link above and see for yourself! CHILD!!This is GOOD!Well, go wish them a Happy Blogiversary and get your little selves entered TODAY! Take care and be safe this New Years night.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tell me a story!

I wish some of you out there would tell me a nice story about something that happened to you or a story you heard.Any kind of story as long as its not too sexy or too violent.HA!Even if you just came here by accident,I wanna hear a story from you. Everyone has a story that sticks out in their minds even if its something from a book or movie they watched.You gotta have tons of them so TELL ME A STORY,please.
 Here is a little story that lives in my head.
When I was a teenager I met a weird homeless guy and became friends with him.He came into the cafe all the kids hung out at and he would drink coffee and eat his meals there. I actually became fairly close to this man for several years and one day he told me he was a concert pianist and invited me and my friends to one of his shows. We did make it to that show and I cried when I heard him play because I was so surprised.THat always stays with me. Not too many surprises are nice and I never even knew he played until that day.
 I don't know what ever happened to him,we stopped seeing him when the cafe closed down.
 Your turn!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stuck because of American airlines

My sister flew here for Christmas from NY.Her husband is in the army and all the could manage was 8 days free time so they needed airline tickets.I found American airline tickets for a few dollars cheaper then other airlines so I told her to get them but she said she has never used them because so many people have told her horror stories about delayed flights,rude people that work for the airlines and about being CHEATED out of money.I told her that she should fly with them,because not every flight with them could be bad,right?
 Well,I was WRONG!My sister took my bad advice and got those tickets which really only ended up saving about 20 bucks.(My sis is a very experienced air traveler and she is used to all kinds of travel and she has never had anything like this ever happen even with long international flights).
 Of course bad weather was going on up north but that did not cause any trouble for my sisters flights because they were ahead of the storm but still they had delays because of Christmas travel. So,on the way here my sister and her family did have to spend the night in an airport which was terrible and unexpected but she did not complain about that,nope.What is going on that is terrible and even worse is that my sister arrived at 6 am to MEM. and was waiting to fly at 7.30.She got on that plane when all of the sudden people start to wash the plane and do oil checks while the travelers were on the plain ready to fly.The workers were behind schedule.When my sister made it to Chicago her plane from Chicago already left with out her!!!This was the air lines fault but they were not apologetic nor were they helpful at all.They even told my sister that it may be a few days before they had any flights for them!!!!My sister asked if they would pay for a rental car and they said maybe she would get a little money back from them but maybe not ,they weren't sure if she would get anything.The rental car was over 400 bucks and would take 12 hours of driving in yucky weather to get back.So right now,she has no clue what top do and not much money. She may be stuck at the Chicago airport with her hubby and 3 year old daughter for days or she may have to come out of 400 bucks {which she does not have to spend}and just be out of more money!!
 I feel so terrible!!Have you had a bad airline experience?? Have you ever flown American?? Please let me know.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas friends and fellow bloggers! I hope every one of you are enjoying the holidays with people and animals you love !
 Not having a white Christmas here but a rainy Christmas instead but thats a typical delta Christmas for us Mississippi folks!
 Well, I am having the time of my life so back to my wonderful holiday but I will be back to giveaways and blogging on the 28th!
Peace be with you!

Monday, December 20, 2010

MY sister is on her way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yup, my sister,niece and brother in law will be arriving very late tonight!I will most likely be in bed by the time the plane lands and then they ride the 2 hours it takes to get home from the airport but they are certainly on the way!!
 I guess it has been over 6 months since I last saw my sister,and if you read my blog you will remember that the last time she came home she was attacked and beaten by an intruder in my apartment.Of course I moved from that place but I know she will be a little uncomfortable being in this town after that whole thing.I am hoping this trip won't be a bad one for anyone.
 I have not seen my brother in law in a year, I think.So he will be a sight for sore eyes for sure!My niece is well over three by now and I have heard she has matured and grown so much! My son has done some major changing in 6 months also and he does not even remember them so he might be a little scared of them at first!
 Well,if you don't hear much from me for 6 days or so,its because my sisters family is keeping me very busy!
 Merry Christmas to all of you and your families! I am wishing you a wonderful,warm and happy holiday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sensitive kid

My son is two and a half years old and he is super sensitive.The song "Tis the season to be Jolly"makes him cry for some reason and always has also he cries if you sing home on the range and has always cried when he hears it.He acts like it hurts his feelings or something???He is also painfully shy but that is because we don't see many people very often.We don't know anyone with kids and we don't have many friends to visit so he is not used to many people.
 I remember being a very sensitive child as well.I had hoped he would not have these feelings like I did because it made my childhood very hard and I spent so much time crying and being afraid and hurt about things.
  My Jack is a very sweet and easy going little guy!He is no trouble at all.He is pretty smart and talks all the time,he loves to play with his toys and he has a wonderful singing voice!Another odd thing is he will not cry if he hurts himself! He is not sensitive to pain,only emotional.When he falls and cuts his knees all up,I won't know he is hurt til I see all the blood or that he is limping.
 He just can't be yelled at or be around loud noises or toys that make sudden movements and loud sounds.By the way I am describing him you might think he has Autism but he doesn't,he is completely free of these kinds of disorders.He is really loving and such a terrific guy.I am just curious to hear if anyone else has a kid like mine.