The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tell me a story!

I wish some of you out there would tell me a nice story about something that happened to you or a story you heard.Any kind of story as long as its not too sexy or too violent.HA!Even if you just came here by accident,I wanna hear a story from you. Everyone has a story that sticks out in their minds even if its something from a book or movie they watched.You gotta have tons of them so TELL ME A STORY,please.
 Here is a little story that lives in my head.
When I was a teenager I met a weird homeless guy and became friends with him.He came into the cafe all the kids hung out at and he would drink coffee and eat his meals there. I actually became fairly close to this man for several years and one day he told me he was a concert pianist and invited me and my friends to one of his shows. We did make it to that show and I cried when I heard him play because I was so surprised.THat always stays with me. Not too many surprises are nice and I never even knew he played until that day.
 I don't know what ever happened to him,we stopped seeing him when the cafe closed down.
 Your turn!


Rachel said...

That is a very cool story! I love when people have a whole amazing life that you don't know about until you get to know them better!

Me? One of the most special things my dad ever did for me was to take me out of school on my birthday and take me for breakfast at Jack in the Box. Sounds less-than-special? He worked insane hours in law enforcement and sometimes weeks would go by without hardly seeing him. It meant the world to me that he took me for some quality time.

Don't know why I thought about it, but it made me smile.

Have a great end of 2010!

meeyeehere said...

We Rachels really do have to stick together! Thanks doll,I love your little family.Your son has such a beautiful face,he really shines.