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The Dalai Mama

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jack's swollen eyelid

My son woke up with a little bit of swelling on his upper eyelid yesterday and later in the day his eyelid was swollen so that his eye was only half open.He seemed cranky but thats not too uncommon for a two year old.No discharge or redness in the eye.I wonder why my little guy has this eyelid oh and its pink in color.What do you think?


Rachel said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry! I'm no help in these kind of things - maybe a nurse hotline would have an idea? Hope he feels better soon!

Becky said...

Does he have a swelling, redness or a rash anywhere else?
Has he taken new medicine or eaten anything different?
Have you used a new detergent?
Did he possibly have anything on his hands that he could have transferred to his eyelid by rubbing it?
On first glance my educated guesses are (I'm an RN):
allergic reaction
conjuctivitis (even if there is no discharge or redness to the eye yet)
a foreign body in his eye under the eyelid

If it doesn't get better, I'd advise you to go have his eye looked at to make sure it isn't something that needs to be treated.

meeyeehere said...

Thanks guys! Um,he has milk allergies but I just can't imagine that he got milk some how.It looks so much worse today so I think I better take him to the doctor in a few minutes! I will let you all know the results.

meeyeehere said...

The doctor told us it might be conjuctivitis but its just now starting to get red inside the eye. We got some meds for it and if the swelling is not gone down by half tomorrow we are supposed to go back to the doc. Thanks both of you ladies! Its good to have a few bloggy buddies! I always like advice from an RN too!