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The Dalai Mama

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Juice I bought was rancid

I Think I should mention this while it's still on my mind.
The past couple months I have tried to buy Wal Mart brand apple juice and it was awful tasting!It did not taste fermented,it taste rancid! Unfortunately my two year old had a cold the last time I bought a bottle of that Wal-Mart Apple juice and he drank the whole cup of it and got a terrible stomach ache and upset tummy.I then drank a sip and realized it was bad.
 Has anyone else noticed the apple juice store brand is bad tasting the past 2 or 3 months? I called Wal-Mart to complain and they seemed to act as if they already maybe had heard other complaints.They did not seem surprised.Although the lady was nice and I believe they sent me a coupon for a free juice which I got and that juice was also nasty tasting. Please let me know if you buy the store brand and if you have had any that seemed rancid.


Kristin said...

Hey! It's Kristin from Whole Lotta Mama. Thanks for the follow and I am now following you!

I buy the walmart brand apple juice also, but have never had a bad taster. Although I buy the no sugar added apple juice, not sure if that makes a difference.

Rachel said...

I am so sorry! That sounds like no fun.

I've never bought the Walmart brand, so I'm sorry you had such a yucky experience!

meeyeehere said...

Yeah,They used to have good juice.Maybe it was just one bad shipment.Who knows but it has made me very careful.I always taste the juice before I give it to my son now.

Anonymous said...

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