The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I won but not really

 I was searching my name a few minutes ago and saw I won 500 dollars worth of products!However when I clicked on the place it was saying some other girl had won.I was confused so I sent a message asking why it said I was the winner.I was the number that the random had picked.I was then told that she found one in her spam box and added it later,after I actually won,she added another person. How weird is that???So I won but she decided to count other entries she found afterwards and did not do random again,instead she just picked the person after me.That made me feel sad.
 That really stinks.


Rachel said...

Aww, that stinks! I'm so sorry!

ShirleyC said...

Then she shouldn't be doing any giveaways. Ridiculous!

Katie D said...

I agree with ShirleyC...If you pick a winner, you can't go back on it unless the winner hadn't contacted you. Then you can pick a different winner. That's really dumb!