The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Monday, November 1, 2010

I am not a happy camper today

Several things that have been bothering me.I am a very nice person,that is something that I know about myself.I don't harm other people,try not to pass much judgment and I am an animal lover.I have a bad temper but I always control it,and I never have liked Drama,I avoid it like a disease!

 Okay,so The past 3 Weeks I have been feeding a neighbors dog.Not that they asked me to,just that they left 3 weeks ago and have not been home to feed the dog in there back yard.I noticed over 2 weeks ago that they had not been home in 3 or 4 days so I looked and saw they still had that mean dog in the backyard.So I threw some food to him and every day I fed him and waited to see if they would ever come home!After 2 weeks of this I called the police.They said they would come and and see about it.They never came so I called again,and they blew me off and gave me another phone number to call.That number said they would go check it out.Again,they never came.Now,I have been feeding this big pit bull mixed dog and I can't get back in the yard with him to give him water.I just had to make a mud hole for the poor dog.This whole event with this dog has been driving me crazy!!I feel so horrible about the whole situation and I can't believe these evil people won't feed this dog!They already once had a huge mean dog that jumped the fence and the police had to shoot the dog because he was crazy.Well,Last night I did something bad..I let the dog out.He was so thin and I could not get water to him where he was so I went back and let him loose.He was not aggressive,just afraid but I let him go.I just did not know what else to do.
 On to my next complaint.
I share my internet with other family members who live in an attachment to the house I live in. I enter giveaways,and they enter giveaways when they have time which is not very often.I sent them links to a couple of nice giveaways and they enter them if they have time. Well,we have the same IP address and I know that does not look good but we are just trying to win Christmas for the kids.We are broke people living in Mississippi,you know my story.Anyway,two times this month I have been accused of cheating.The first to accuse me just asked me kindly if two people entered with the same address and then told me that they did not allow that so I withdrew my entry.This morning however I was accused by a blogger and she was not very nice about it.I know I did not have to answer this person but I felt almost like I had done something wrong because I shared links and an IP address.Anyway,I am going to have to get my own internet I guess so I won't look like a CHEATER! That just pisses me off.
 Last on my list of why me is that I ran into a friend of my husbands on Halloween night.He is just a strange guy that my husband knows from playing music,they are not really friends.They guy sees me and says WOW,You have lost like 300 pounds! Which is NOT a compliment exactly.I was never 300 pounds,no where near it! I weighed 220 at the height of my pregnancy,that is the most I ever weighed!I have lost 30 or 40 pounds this year but gee 300 pounds? I wish he had just said wow you lost lots of weight,you look great.I told him he must not be able to keep a girlfriend with compliments like those. Oh well,Maybe today will get better,huh?
Tell me something you want to complain about??? It will make me feel better.


ShirleyC said...

I don't blame you for venting, and I don't blame you for letting the dog out. He will probably not even be viscious since he's not in his own territory. When my daughter's Akita is tied up, he will snip or bite, and when he gets loose, he's like a big puppy dog playing with everyone he meets. That is cruel to leave an animal without water or food. They must have wanted him to die, and thus leave a good smell for the neighborhood.

Sorry about your kinfolks. There's not much we can do to change that.
As far as the person who gave such a ridiculous compliment, some peole just have no couth.

meeyeehere said...

Thanks Shirley! That whole problem with the dog made me feel like I was the only person in the whole world that really cared about that dog.I live near the woods so I hope he went and found some nice places out in the woods for game and maybe he found some other dog friends.I feel better after letting him go.I fed him a huge meal at the end of the yard so he would be full before he went out into the world.
I told me family I was gonna have to get a different internet connection from them which does suck because we were sharing the bill and now we gotta pay for the whole thing.
Yeah,that guy has real mental problems,he has been in and out of hospitals for his problems.I should not be so offended buy him.I don't get out often so it would be nice to hear a real compliment sometimes.

Doris Sturm said...

That is so sad that people can just abandon their animals like that. I can control myself emotionally, but if I ever saw anyeone abusing an animal or a child, I think I'd do something to get locked up for, because I just see red. I'm glad you let him out. At least he has a chance!

I have a suggestion about the computer sharing. It's your computer, right? Well, make them sign in under another user name so that nobody can see each other's stuff on the desk can have several users on the same computer. They could have their separate everything, e-mail address, etc....then you could still enter those giveaways. What are you hoping to win for the kids?

Doris Sturm said...

p.s. ignore that guy with his "300 lbs" remark...he's not worth getting worked up over.

Lauren said...

your son is adorable!

Kimberly said...

thanks for entering my giveaway!! What happened with the dog??? what people leave a dog like that!!