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The Dalai Mama

Friday, October 29, 2010

something that really bugs me

 I was doing my usual morning job,entering giveaways.I came across a giveaway for CSN that wanted you to email the entry.That is unusual but not unheard of so I continued to read about how to enter.The lady doing this giveaway actually said that everyone who emails her needs to have correct grammar because she does not want to be troubled with incorrect grammar!She said she did not feel like reading through all the poor grammar so don't send it.
  Now,Most of you don't know much about me but I dropped out of school in 7th grade.My ADD was so bad,it was pointless for me to even be in school.Even though it is not legal to leave school at that age they let me go because they knew I was miserable and could not learn without help.
 Now,I have struggled through my life with my learning problems but I keep them to myself and truck on.I wish I could say that my story gets better where I go to college and become a teacher or something but that does not happen.I have never gone back to school.I got a GED and it took me three times to pass.I once was ashamed,I am not any more.
 That blogger upset me.I am glad her comments were closed because I think I would have been rude which I am not ever a trouble maker but I do have a short fuse and she sparked it.Well,I am glad her comments were closed.I want to be a good person and not get in internet fights with people.
 Hope you have a nice day and remember that it's just a giveaway,don't think you are King Ding a ling and make crazy rules.Make it fun and easy!


I'm Tatom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for my 1st giveaway. I'm guessing there are a few CSN giveaways going around blogland. Reading your post at first thought... did I write something rude on my blog and didn't remember? Even went back and checked haha. Nope not me.

Anyways doesn't matter how maybe times you had to try for your GED what counts is you got it and that is pretty awesome. Some people would have just given up.

Rachel said...

Oh girlie -

I am so sorry! I don't even know WHY someone would write that. Especially if they WANTED people to participate!

I am deaf, so sometimes my writing isn't perfect. But some of the smartest and most talented people I know aren't perfect writers either.

Just makes my heart hurt and I'm sorry the blogger was rude.

Proud of you for how hard you worked for that GED!

Doris Sturm said...

Ditto! Congratulations on being determined to complete your GED. I'm glad you perservered!

You're right! It's just a giveaway. When I type quickly, I make a lot of mistakes (probably my German comes out) and typos and there's no spell check on the comments sections here, so some people might think ill of me, but you know what? We're just doing this for fun, so let's not be so hard on one another.

Have an enjoyable and SAFE Halloween weekend :-)

Liz said...

I saw that one too and was annoyed also. I have a BA and and MA in English, so I wasn't upset for myself, but I immediately thought of ESL speakers, people with less education and those with learning disabilities. Fortunately, you don't see that sort of thing very often! I wasn't sure if she meant that the entry had to be flawless or just not written in LOLspeak.

The one that gets me is "you get one entry for commenting or like 50 entries if you buy something from me!" One guy took his down after I commented that this wasn't legal but usually I don't go to the effort because no one cares/no one will listen to me. People: don't have obscure grammar requirements for your giveaways or run illegal lotteries on your blogs! KTHX.

ShirleyC said...

Now that is beyond rediculous, and I'm a former teacher. The internet is what it is!
I love giveaways, but some of these are also getting ridiculous with the amount of time it takes to enter. You can spend all day entering giveaways.
I have won a few, and I love to win, but I find I'm getting more picky about what I take the time to enter, and it is usually for my grandkids or sewing related.
By the way, congrats on going on and getting your GED. My husband teaches high school kids who would be potential dropouts to prepare them for taking the GED.

meeyeehere said...

Thank you all for commenting on this.It really makes me feel better.I must admit I do feel insecure about my ADD and not going very far in school.I have had people look down on me so much in the past about my difficulty understanding and just my complete lack of education.It's nice to know I have people out there understanding me.You guys are awesome!I also love hearing all about you and learning a little more from your lives. Much LOVE

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

There are definitely people out there that just don't understand some people have issues or don't take that kind of thing into consideration when writing something or requiring something like that.

It's better to just take it with a grain of salt because unfortunately, most don't think before they do.

That's when you just skip it and move on :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, can you even imagine someone doing that? When I was in California, I was a teacher who taught English...I would never dream of talking to someone like that...weird or what?

Well, you sure have persevered and you should be so PROUD that you took the GED and passed it...third time was a charm!! I'm so proud of you for not giving up...that is so wonderful!!!

Nice to meet you and I hope you'll come back and visit my blog.

Crystal said...

What a terrible thing that lady said. I just wish people would accept each other for who they are and be done. Thanks for sharing your story that was wonderful to read. May God send you many many blessings.

tacubagurl said...

That's awful! You'd think she'd be nicer so people could participate! anyway congrats on your GED. =) I have a giveaway at my blog if you are interested.