The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

40 amazon giveaway but ya'll don't enter okaY??

Giveaway click here

Hello,you did not think the giveaway was on this blog,did you?? BAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I have that kind of dough! WOO,thats funny.
 No,This giveaway is on this little Hot boy's blog named Quinn.His blog is called Seeing,Dreaming,writing.He is just throwing money at followers so I entered.Now Ya'll know me and you know I hate sharing giveaways that I want to win because it messes up my chances but I am doing it for the entries because he thinks I am a one entry kind of girl since I am new.
UM.................... Go enter,you know you never listen to me.
Come back and check on me tomorrow,I get lonely.