The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What do other moms do?

I found myself stuck in the house last night while my husband was out playing a gig(he is a musician).My toddler boy was running around crying and climbing and breaking and yelling.So the usual toddler stuff. Every day and night I am happy and pleased but on Friday and Saturday I find myself longing to get out and do something. I wish to go somewhere or take a vacation.
My worst problem is that when I was very small I was hit my a car when I was walking which I developed a terrible fear of driving! So,even though I am almost 32 years old I have never gotten my license.I have driven before and I even went to the drivers bureau and attempted to get my license but the evil woman that works there failed me even thou I was driving very well,she made up some little things like she said I didnt stop long enough at a stop sign even though I counted out loud,she said I looked too nervous and other junk.
Anyway,I am helpless because I can't drive. I can't go anywhere unless my husband takes me or my mother takes me.We have no bus or cab in my town and everything is way too far to walk. My town is so terrible,you could not walk without being shot at or raped anyway.Even if I could go anywhere in town,there are no parks clean enough to go to,no places for kids ,no theater,no nothing!
I know I am different than most moms because I don't drive but I wonder if most moms live in towns with lots to do. What is in your town??? What state do you live in??? Do you like where you are???


Mrs. Olio said...

I live in Oklahoma and love it. I hate the heat, which makes it harder to walk to places, but we have neighborhood parks to walk to which is nice. Sorry you are having such a hard time. Where do you live that it is so bad?

meeyeehere said...

Ha, I live in Mississippi and I understand what you say about heat! I live in the Mississippi Delta,it got to 120 last week.It's just in the ninties now.

Honey Nest said...

I live in New York and it's a pain to get around :)I don't drive either. I feel stuck because I have to beg people to drive me everywhere - like to the craft store, to the post office or to the mall. I live in a very residential area -so, I would have to take 2 buses to get somewhere... It's a pain on a hot day. I took my road test once but, failed... I am a nervous driver who has trouble making turns.

Christel said...

Dear Meeyee, well I am leaving two messages, one about this post, It makes me so very sad that you have no where you can take your little boy on a short walk, and not have to worry. I would hate to live in a town like that. I live in a very rural area 7 miles from the nearest little town, but have 5 acres I can stroll through on any day. The closest little town in Hazel, Ky the population is something like 1180 very very small, one short city block encompasses the entire lenght of the town. Within that block there is 12 antique stores, two gas station/ convienence stores, a firestation, two churches, a very small art gallery, a homestyle family diner, a Mexican resturant, and a post office! thats it! It is very quaint, but not very busy. I live about 15 miles from Murray Ky, which is a college town, so there is quite alot happening there. When I was just 28, I had 5 children all ages ten and under, my husband was, and is an over the road trucker, so it was pretty much me and the kids. We had some great fun just staying home! I look back now at times and wonder how the heck I ever did it without losing my sanity...haha it is just natural instint of a good mom I see you are just that. xoxox Christel

Dear Meeyee, Your message left on my blog today was THE best message I have ever recieved!! I have never had such a compliment! Thank you so much dear heart, Hope you are having a wonderful day too! FaeWee Blessings, xoxox Christel

meeyeehere said...

Thank you all so much! It does make me feel better to know I am not the only stranded person out there.My husband is a musician so he has to leave really often.I do have lots of fun with my sweet little boy but he is never around other children.He is uncommonly sweet for a two year old and very sensitive.Super smart though.He turned two a few weeks back and he knows all his basic shapes and some colors! If I did not have him,I would go nuts!!! Although sometimes I go nuts because of him LOL!!! You have all made me feel so much better.
Christel I truely have never seen such lovely work! Your faires have something new about them,something different. I have always loved people who make art dolls or people who make figures and crafts. I just never had the patience or the talent for it.