The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Saturday, August 7, 2010

one day until Jacks big birthday

So,I got my husband to pick up Jacks birthday cake from The Dutch Oven. Which is this fabulous place in my town that is owned and operated by Mennonites.They make the best food from fresh ingredients and charge just normal prices! Jacks cake was 3 layers and was so lovely for only 28 bucks so that is not bad and those cakes are the best I have ever taste too. They make bread every week for the sandwiches! I love that place!
Anyway,all I gotta do is clean the house from head to toe tonight and then again in the morning so people can come over and won't be tempted to call the police and have my kid taken from me!My two year old can really mess a house up fast and in this weather I let it collect for a couple days. It's true,no super mom here.
I wish my sister and niece could be here with us for Jacks birthday. I thought I was gonna fly to see my sister when I won that trip giveaway but it was 500 dollars and the trip would be for three and would cost a fortune in hotel stay and food so I can't go to New York to see them.Too bad.I have never flown and I would like to some day. Well,I got skype set up so they can kind of be at the party and I sent them plates and party favors and cups so they could have a little party too.


Stephanie said...

Hope your party was a huge success!