The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I need Potty advice

My son just turned two but I wanted to start potty training him.I just got him completely on sippy cups so I figured potty training should start now. I have a potty seat and a little potty his great uncle made that looks like a an old fashioned potty.My Jack is so scared of being put on the potty or even afraid to stand in front of the little potty just so I could tell him about it. How did you potty train your child? Are boys just harder?Whats the easiest way for a little boy to learn? Stand up or sit down? I just don't have any idea!


meeyeehere said...

Giveaway ends tomorrow so enter tonight ,its just a couple post back. Now,lets talk potty!

Rachel said...


I think kids can pick up on any nervousness about potty training, so don't worry about rushing things. In my case, Itty Bit was ready at 20 months and we started out with him going like a big boy (standing up).

I think this helps in a couple areas: he doesn't have to "re-learn" how to pee into a urinal, and you don't have to worry about as many "splashes" from the front of the toilet.

(We used a wide base stool that won't tip and made sure he could hang onto the cabinet if needed).

Seriously? I put a little ball of toilet paper in the water and made a game of him aiming for it. He thought it was the funniest thing. Others use Cheerios, etc.

Good luck on this new adventure! It's a challenge for parents too - since it's far less convenient to change a pull-up, instead of stopping ever 20 minutes at public restrooms, hee hee!

ShirleyC said...

It's been so long since I potty trained mine, I can't remember. However, my little grandson did good by sitting backwards on the commode. He has a little toddler seat that my daughter put on there. It was easier for him to get on and off. He just never liked the kiddie potty.
Now the girl is a different story. She has just flat refused, but the last few days she's been using the potty with a little bribe - Smarties!