The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

almost a birthday

My son is gonna be turning two on Sunday and no one could be more excited than me!I love birthdays,kids birthdays are the best!!!I have been working hard to make this party simple,cheap and cute. Toy story is such a common theme but I found it was easiest to buy for and cheap too so that is what he is having this year!I ordered the cake from a local baker who is cheaper than Wal mart and the cakes are like pure heaven and have all natural ingredients in them!!! Too bad I had no children to invite but we only know single folks right now so no babies will be joining us.
Anyway, what kind of birthday parties have you thrown? Or what was your favorite birthday party you remember so far?


Mary Nevin said...

kids birthdays are the best!! i planned a really awesome ocean party for twins i nannied for, everyone dressed up as a sea animal and we painted and went on a shell scavenger hunt. love the blog! i'll certainly be following your adventures! hope your son's birthday party goes well!!