The Dalai Mama

The Dalai Mama

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am a big ole chicken

I got a job offer yesterday but it required that I leave my son for eight hours a day to take care of other peoples kids.I chickened out and started freaking out last night.I could not sleep and just told myself to forget the interview because I have no experience and I got myself all scared.So, I skipped the interview and the people at that day care have been trying to call me all day which makes me feel like a fool.I can't face my fears and be normal like other people. I can't even drive because I was hit by a car when I was a kid so I told myself I was at fault and that I make bad decisions.I have pretty much lead my life this way and now I feel bad.
I wish I could make some money to help support my family but stay at home where no one will know I have crazy anxiety and that I am painfully shy. Yup,thats my story for the day.


Pam said...

meeyee? Hey! Wanted to say THANK YOU for following my blog and entering the giveaway. Hey, there are LOTS of things you can do to help bring in income for your family while still staying at home to watch your son. is a great website to learn different legitimate ways to make money. Just do a search on eHow for articles about making money from home. Skip over anything that doesn't feel right or costs money. Just use your own noggin and give it a go. Do a little brainstorming. :)Avoiding calls (yikes) is certainly no fun. Good Luck! Pam @ Sallygoodin

Lynette said...

Supporting your family is more than bringing in cash. Figure what it would cost in gas, lunches and child care and see what is the actual amount you would bring home. You can make that up by doing lil things I bet. Like helping doing child care at lower cost than a daycare for a trusted friend. You can use your blog and do pay per post on blogvertise and social spark. Line up reviews at places like the review place and score some booty. Those can be gifts you would have bought before.
How about baking up goodies and selling an ad in you local paper you can provide home baked goodies for desserts. I use to do this in my apartments for the working moms. Just start thinking and enjoying the time you have with your baby. I promise it won't last. Silly things just grow up.